In a unique, rural environment, this genuine winery, recovered from ancient times, is now a privileged space to enjoy a regional snack accompanied by a good wine, such as the award-winning Moscatel or any other from the wide range of wines produced locally by the Homestead.



Wine Tasting

The Barrosinha Homestead offers various programmes for those wanting to take a fascinating journey through the passionate world of wines. Our wine tastings are guided by experts, deeply knowledgeable in all the traditional grape varieties of the region.




Learn more about wine

For those wanting to get started in wine production and tasting techniques, the Barrosinha Homestead offers several training initiatives, in a relaxed atmosphere where learning is, above all, a great pleasure.


Enter WineGastronomy

Learn how to "match" wine with a particular dish, or how to find the right wine for a specific dessert. In our WineGastronomy courses, good taste is served at the table.




Deepen your knowledge and enrich your wine culture.


Wine is part of the evolution of human history since ancient times. In these Workshops explore wine as a culture.


Buy at the Homestead or order online

To have access to some of the best wines in the Setúbal Peninsula, you just have to visit our physical store at the Homestead, or our online store. There is a wide range of options available where you can choose from, and always enjoy an enriching experience.